An Artist’s Resource Centre

Tigh Filí is an artist’s resource centre which aims to promote innovative and diverse artistic excellence, both visual and literary, in the key areas of literature, visual arts and youth.

About Us

Housed in Cork’s historical Thompson Bakery Tigh Fili aims to facilitate writers and artists both new and established to showcase their work in a community friendly environment and to promote engagement with literature and art by people of all ages from all backgrounds


Its 2,500 square feet consists of an art gallery, a publishing house, a computer training facility, offices, artists studios, workshops/meeting rooms and a café. It is an excellent space to hold events

Easily Accessible

As the art centre is situated on ground level people with disabilities can easily access the resources at Tigh Fili. It is great place to showcase sculpture, painting, performance or cinema.

woman standing in front of painting


If you have any enquiries about the gallery or would be interested in exhibiting your work, contact our curator.


Tigh Fili gallery hosts up to 18 exhibitions each year. These are divided between the main exhibition space in Gallery 9 and Shrine 9 our new alternative space.

Main Gallery

The main gallery is suitable for large sculpture pieces while the alternative space is particularly suitable for new media and soundworks.

Free Access

We allow established and emerging artists from all backgrounds and locations Europe wide to progress professionally and gives the general public free access to all exhibitions of interest.

Eurochild Project

The Eurochild International Project began in 1995.It includes the publication of the Eurochild Anthology, the Eurochild International Festival in June, and a poetry outreach programme which takes place in Ireland and Europe throughout the year. 2005 is a special year for Eurochild as Cork is the European Capital of Culture. It is also the 10th anniversary of the first Eurochild publication.

Aims of Eurochild Project

To encourage children to become aware of the diversity and cultural wealth in Europe

To link schools around Europe and learn about their culture, customs and language & To encourage children’s creativity through art and poetry

To build an appreciation and awareness of different cultures & To discover what it means to be a young European