How To Choose LED Light Bars For Your Vehicle


Finding the best eyourlife LED light bar for your vehicle will be of much importance. This is because LED light is power saving, efficient, durable and environmentally friendly means of lighting as opposed to the traditional lighting. In fact, it one of the latest advanced lighting technology which can be used for various purposes. If your vehicle is fixed with a LED light bar, you are safe because you will still be able to see properly even in bad weather conditions like rain and snow. They also produce bright light which helps to increase your confidence during your driving experience. In this regard, you need to consider the following factors before buying your new LED light bar.

The shape

22,dmdlmldmMost LED light bars are designed in a rectangular, circular and square shapes. The shape determines the arrangement and the number of lights on the LED light bar. However, the most important thing is that it determines the way you attach it at the most suitable position on your car. You should know where to install it before you determine the best shape you are going to buy. This is a very important factor which ensures that you get a suitable bar for your vehicle.

The size

Vehicle LED light bars are designed in different dimensions which range from about five inches to sixty inches. When are choosing the right size of the light bar for your car, ensure that you know how you will fix it on your car. This simple consideration will help you land on the correct size of the light bar for your vehicle.

Beam angle

If you need long reaching lighting for your car, it is sufficient that you choose flood and spot beams because they are the best for off-road driving. They provide a very wide illumination. You can also choose a design that has two patterns to meet your driving needs.

The type of color

LED light bars come in various light intensities and colors. They can be white, amber white, red white and blue. Your personal choices can guide you to the most suitable color. However, it is necessary to recognize that they come with their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, white LED light bars are the brightest but cause most blindness. Therefore, you should first ponder the options so that you can buy the most suitable and useful LED light bar.

Degree of brightness

33kjjjdjnThe degree of brightness of the light bar is measured in the lumens. The type of lumen varies from one bar to another bar just like in the light bulbs. You should first know the amount of light you require to be able to select a light bar with the most suitable brightness.

The location

You must know the part of your car where a light bar should be mounted. Different light bars are mounted to specific parts of the vehicle. The location matters a lot because the wrong installation will prevent the light from working properly. Bumpers which come with you vehicle are the best areas for mounting these bars. They also contain slots for additional installation of light bars. You should also know that the best place to fix them is the roof for proper visibility.