Computer Training Centre

The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)

‘The European Computer Driving Licence is for anyone who wants to certify their computer skills according to a pan-European industry standard’

ECDL Ireland, a subsidiary of the Irish Computer Society

What is EuroTech?

In August 1998 CWPC (Cork Women’s Poetry Circle) became an ECDL Accredited Test Centre. This state- of-the-art resource was built with the help of funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

As an ECDL Test Centre we are in a position to schedule exams to suit the participant’s schedule and individual requirements.

More about the ECDL

The ECDL course is suitable for anyone from seven to seventy. It can be undertaken by those who have little computer experience as well as those who have computer skills and wish to certify them in some way. The training is convenient and accessible to all participants at varying levels of computer competence.

The European Computer Driving Licence recognises that trainees will have various educational and professional experiences and aims to standardise and consolidate a student’s computer skills providing certification that is recognised throughout Europe.

The ECDL Modules are:

1. Basic Concepts in IT

2. Using a Computer and Managing Files

3. Word Processing

4. Spreadsheets

5. Databases / Filing Systems

6. Presentation and Drawing

7. Information Network Services


Along with the training provided by our ECDL Instructor, the CWPC / NOW (New Opportunities for Women)project also uses the ECDL CD-ROM as a revision tool for participants. This CD-ROM offers an interactive and independent learning method which, along with the participant’s training and class notes, offers him/her the best possible preparation for the ECDL exams.

ECDL Exams & the Computer Skills Card

Examinations can be taken over time, in any order and at the participant’s convenience in the EuroTech Training Centre. The emphasis is on practical skills rather than theory. Modules successfully completed are marked on a Computer Skills Card. The ECDL is awarded when the card is filled.

Discounts for minority / disadvantaged groups

CWPC / NOW are now in a position to provide ECDL Training to individuals, groups or other community groups outside the Tigh Filí Arts Centre. In an attempt to give minority or disadvantaged groups the opportunity to attain recognised and practical computer skills, CWPC / NOW are offering training in such cases at a discounted cost.

The Future of the ECDL

We envisage that as more and more individuals, companies and educational institutions become interested in the ECDL, its relevance and practicality will cot inue to develop.

EuroTech c/o CWPC / NOW, Tigh Filí, Thompson House, MacCurtain St., Cork.

For further information or enrolment details:

e-mail us at

tel. 00 353 21 509274 / fax 00 353 21 551617

Thanks to Graham Royce for all his work on the network setup. Click on Otec to have a look at Graham’s Otec (Ocular Technology) Website