Eurochild / Euro École

The Eurochild Series

Eurochild is an annual publication of poetry and drawings created by children for children in partnership with Euro École, France.

The Eurochild series began in 1995 with the publication of A Child’s Famine. This was a collection of poetry written by children in commemoration of the Irish Famine in the 1840’s. Since the success of this book we have extended our title to Eurochild and have invited submissions from children Europe-wide on any theme in any language. The Eurochild series was then further expanded to incorporate drawings sent in by the children. This added a further dimension to the book and contributed successfully to its appeal.

We have found these books to be accessible and engaging for children and adults alike. We hope that the Eurochild series will act as an invitation to an exciting world of poetry where children can see their experiences reflected in their own words and those of their peers.

Eurochild 2000 edited by Aisling Lyons is due to be released in May 2000. It comprises work from France, Finland, Malta, Germany, Holland, Austria, Estonia, N.Ireland and Ireland.

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French and English children enjoying Eurochild together.


We would like to invite contributions of poetry and drawings (both black & white sketches and colour pictures) for future editions of Eurochild. We look forward to receiving entries from your school. Poetry entries can be in any language and on any theme, while illustrations must be on unlined A4 paper.

For further information please contact Aisling Lyons at Tigh Filí at tel: 00 353 21 509274 fax: 00 353 21 551617 or e-mail