Electric vehicles have come of age, and these days, it is no surprise to see some on our roads. Companies such as Tesla and BMW have worked hard to bring us electric vehicles that produce realistic performance, and match that of their fuel counterparts. However, most people are skeptical when it comes to buying EVs. In this post, we take a look at why electric vehicles are the best, and why you should consider getting one.

Advantages of buying an electric vehicle



Something that most people might not be aware of is the level of noise pollution fuel powered vehicles produce. For electric vehicles, it is different, in that the electric motors used to drive the car are quite, hence no noise pollution.


Electric vehicles are renowned for their fast acceleration and drive. Unlike vehicle with an internal combustion engine, which has to accelerate at a slow pace before reaching top speed, electric motors accelerate immediately. They are also very first while driving, quickly achieving the top speeds of super cars.

Environmentally friendly

We have all heard about global warming and the dangers that it poses to the world. One of the greatest contributors to global warming is the exhaust emitted by fuel engines in vehicles. Electric vehicles are exhaust free, meaning that they do not contribute to environmental pollution. If you want to save the planet, then the best option is buying an electric vehicle.

Affordable to operate

Compared to the price of getting fuel, operating an electric vehicle is much cheaper, and in some instances, can be free. All that is needed is access to electricity, to charge the battery of the vehicle, which is very cheap. If you have access to free energy, like solar or wind, then you can run the car for free. Compared to petrol or diesel, the cost of electricity per mile is much cheaper, hence making electric vehicles more affordable.

Low maintenance

Electric cars have much lesser moving parts compared to their fuel counterparts. Comparing and engine to an electric motor is the easiest way of learning about the complex nature of fuel vehicles. Given that EVs have fewer parts, it becomes simpler to maintain and repair in the case of a breakdown.


lksdnalkvnaslkdvnkasndvklnslkdnvlkasndvsadvsaMost electric cars come with futuristic safety features that make driving on the roads much safer. In the future, there will be no need for a driver, given that most electric cars will be self-driving.