Origins of Tigh Filí

Tigh Filí in Cork City, Ireland, started out as a venture in 1985 by Máire Bradshaw, Director, and others as Cork Women’s Poetry Circle (CWPC). From its origins as a group of women interested in writing, performing and publishing poetry, it has grown into an organisation which encompasses various aspects of the arts and publishing with employees provided by funding from Fás and NOW (New Opportunities for Women).

The Tigh Filí Premises

Tigh Filí itself is housed in an old bakery premises with the original red tiled floor and high ceilings with iron staircases and galley balconies. It has a wide space used for the Tigh Filí Art Gallery along with the Poet’s Table Café and has office space for all the related projects on the premises.

EuroTech is also housed in the building with its own domain of linked network PC’s in a modern and comfortable suite.

A Centre for the Arts

Tigh Filí, as a centre for the arts, aims to facilitate writers and artists, both new and established to showcase their work in a friendly environment with plenty of advice and assistance available from staff who themselves include poets, writers and artists.

A Publishing House

The centre as a publishing house under the imprint bradshaw books provides a much-needed opportunity for established and emerging writers to publish their work and has an impressive back catalogue. We have also added a new online order facility where we invite you to order your pick from our listing of publications.

Tigh Filí plays a vital role in the cultural life of Cork with activities of interest to the whole community. We look forward to continuing in our role as a facilitator for learning and the arts into the next millennium.

Entrance to Tigh Filí during Eurochild book launch.

Offices in Tigh Filí

Tigh Filí, Thompson House, MacCurtain St., Cork, Ireland. e-mail: