About Eurochild

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Eurochild is Tigh Filí’s most significant programme, promoting cultural literacy, integration and dialogue between children from different cultures through art and poetry. The programme culminates each year in the publication of the Eurochild Anthology of Children’s Artwork and Poetry, a multilingual mother-tongue volume comprising the work of 1,000 young poets and artists from all over Europe, selected from 10,000 entries.

Eurochild represents an expressive community that can often be left voiceless: children; marginal or minority-speaker groups; disadvantaged communities; the disabled; victims of violence and a violent world. The most important objective of the project is to give children the confidence to express themselves and take their place among the speakers of the world. That goal may be pursued through verbal language or art, drama, music or the new technologies.

More information on the Eurochild project can be found at www.eurochild.net