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Bradshaw Books

Bradshaw Books, the publishing arm of Tigh Filí, was established in 1985 with the launch of The Box Under the Bed, a collection of prose and poetry by women writers in Cork. The primary aim of Bradshaw Books is, and always has been, to offer shelter, support and motivation to emerging writers and poets of all ages and backgrounds. Many have gone on to enjoy considerable success and acclaim in their careers after their first publication with Bradshaw. Bradshaw Books current and back list includes early works by a number of prominent names in Irish writing today: Eugene O’Connell, Jean O’Brien, Mary Rose Callan, Michael McCarthy, Ian Wild, Ciarán Ruby, Ann Egan, Daphne Dwyer, Anne Dean, Tony O’Dwyer and John O’Donnell, amongst many others.

One of the most acclaimed successes of Bradshaw Books has been the Cork Literary Review, now in its 16th edition. Volume XVI of the Review will be launched in autumn 2016.

Bradshaw Books is actively committed to encouraging children from all over the world to express themselves creatively through poetry and art. The publication of the Eurochild Anthology of Children’s Artwork and Poetry each year provides a unique forum in which to showcase their often astonishing work.

The official website of Bradshaw Books is www.bradshawbooks.com, from where you can purchase our new releases and recent titles. For any further information you can email info@bradshawbooks.com