Birdsong – debut novel! Book launch 07th July

Birdsong is the narrative of a young woman who struggles with life, love and her own sanity. Published posthumously, it is an offering of a great man of books and letters, a moment in Irish- American fiction.

Bradshaw Books debut novel, Birdsong, is a wonderful tale capturing the struggles of life, while also marvelling at all of its glories. This vibrant novel is rich in color, the words coming alive on the page. A remarkable story that will leave you wanting more.
This short novel was written by William M. Roth in a single summer during the late 1990s. He died in Petaluma, California, in 2014, aged 97. His wife Joan, with the assistance of family and friends,notably, Thomas Mc Carthy, got the book published to mark William’s first anniversary. It is a loving tribute and testament to the amazing life that William and Joan had together.
07th July
Crawford Art Gallery,
Emmet Place, Cork


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